About the Artists

Brought together by a swirling miasma of improbable coincidence, our unlikely band of misfits shares a common goal: to never stop drawing.


Angelo Crelencia

Angelo Crelencia began his creative career as a graphics specialist/illustrator for the US Air Force. After a two-year stint in Nebraska, he was assigned to the USAF Thunderbirds in Las Vegas, where he was first introduced to computer generated design/illustration. Upon leaving the service, Angelo pursued a BFA degree in Visual Communications in Chicago, where he currently works as an art director in the advertising industry. In his spare time, Angelo freelances on projects that includes illustrations, logos and storyboards. His most recent work was pencilling/inking for Elk Press’ Goat Girl comic book. He recently got back-to-basics by reintroducing himself to life drawing and painting with acrylics. A die-hard Star Wars fanatic and anime addict, Angelo draws his inspiration from sci-fi, animation, music and comic books.

Contributor since Week 289

Curtis Bisbee

Curtis hails from the great state of Illinois, by way of the bustling metropolis of Macomb… a town he came to call home following his many storied years of accreditation at Western Illinois University. While not having much in the way of formal training, Curtis has been drawing and doodling his way through life since about the time he could first wrap his fat little fingers around a crayon. All through his educational years, he had a habit (good or bad, depending on who you asked…) of filling the margins of his notebooks, desks, and often his textbooks with various doodles, sketches and epic flip-book adventures. A silent rebel streak in high school also led him to dabble in the art of graffiti, a trend which continues to today, though in a much more legal fashion these days. Most nights Curtis can be found at home with his wife, his two sons, and his old, somewhat feeble dog. Using the quiet time he gets in those magical hours between the kids going to bed and his own eyes slamming shut, he indulges his art bug by working on pieces for Sketchplease, painting and drawing his own creations or just trying to find a way show the world how awesome he, and by proxy, it, is.

Contributor since Week 359

Jason Hardwick

Jason Hardwick started taking drawing and painting seriously in the 9th grade after his art teacher told him, “There is no such thing as talent — it’s hard work and desire that makes anyone successful at what they do.” Since then he’s diligently followed that advice, continuously exploring new artistic techniques and unique ways of thinking. Jason attended the Pittsburg Institute of Art, and later moved to Miami and then Chicago, where he worked as an art director and meet some great artists of all kinds (including Will and Angelo). Always on the move, his last stop has brought him to Oahu, Hawaii, where he currently works with sustainable energy, while also still designing and working on his own artwork as a hobby.

Contributor since Week 375

Jason Martinucci

Jason Martinucci currently lives in Oak Park, IL with his wife Vanessa and their dog Sandy. Jason was introduced to drawing through reading comic books and wishing he could draw like that and skateboarding with cool board graphics. Even though he’s a grown-up he still enjoys those things. At Western Illinois University he took some art classes, took classes at Highland Park Art Center (which is a wealthy suburb and could afford for talented artists to teach there), and learned as much as he could in his own. He works for a small company as warehouse manager.

Contributor since Week 412

Eric Olson

Eric Olson resides in Algonquin, Illiniois, loves NFL football, online gaming (Dungeon Seige anyone?), and thrashes bass for the hard rock/heavy metal band The Darksiders. He’s currently practicing his drawing chops while working on his upcoming sci-fi comic Stratos. Eric will see all the Star Wars movies in theaters no matter how many times they come out, and believes that for the betterment of mankind, *all* copies of the movie Batman and Robin should be destroyed. He is happily married, and works full-time as a shipping manager at a warehouse, where he’d usually rather be playing Halo.

Contributor since Week 3

Jon Weigand

Jon “studied” at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. After which he worked in digital graphics and production art. Today he still draws, designs, and enjoys crafting sounds via computer. He is pro-bending and bicycle neutral. He once had a full bottle of beer fall off atop a bass amp, do a front flip and land perfectly like a gymnast. Sadly it was only a budweiser. Feel free to view some of his current artwork at his website: http://smallnumber.weebly.com/.

Contributor since Week 305

Lizzy Layne

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Lizzy grew up with a deep intrigue in the arts, which she pursued in her studies in Tucson, Arizona through to her current home, Los Angeles, California. Her mixed-media art falls within the realms of illustration, painting, graphic design, and multiple forms of printmaking and photography. She is currently a full-time artist and designer, indulging in the game of feast or famine. See more at lizzylayne.com.

Contributor since Week 138.

Sarah Morton

Sarah began her illustrious career as an artist in Kindergarten, when she would accept candy in return for doing other kids’ art projects (a gig she would continue through high school). In college, she was an official art student for exactly one semester before moving on to other endeavors like photography, journalism, photojournalism, and urban planning. She now lives in Chicago and raises money for a non-profit during the day.

In her spare time, Sarah is currently working on Volume 3 of Seasonal, a graphic novel about imploding relationships within a big box store in suburban Utah. She plans to start a series of autobiographical comics based on her aforementioned career experiences, and was recently a guest artist for the Elk Press comic Hipster Holocaust. You can see more of Sarah’s work at sarahannmorton.com.

Contributor since Week 363.

Will Hobbs

Sketch Please Webmaster/Ringleader Will Hobbs is a Chicago-based illustrator and art director. His work has been featured in such publications as Geek Monthly and BPM Magazine, and book series’ like Heinemann Library’s Bug Books and It’s My Body. A consummate bad-ass (did we mention Will didn’t write his own bio? :P), and proud lover of Frank’s Hot Sauce, Will aspires to one day make illustration a full-time career.
See more of his work at www.sirwilliamwesley.com!

Contributor since Week 10.



Our Founding Artists

Jason Adam

Sketch Please co-founder Jason Adam is an artist and designer whose work can be loud, fluid and simultaneously moving. In 2009, Jason co-founded Hexanine, a strategic design firm dedicated to providing powerful brand experiences in identity, print and web. A Chicago native now kickin’ it in Los Angeles, he serves on the AIGA LA board of directors, and aspires to one day live the Bruce Wayne lifestyle. Jason would also like to inform as many people as possible that Prince’s 1989 Batman soundtrack is a modern masterpiece. So say we all.

Contributor since Week 1.

John Conger

Sketch Please co-founder John Conger has always had a deep love for comic books. Batman is his fave, but most any comic will do. It took a long time, but thanks to his best friend Jason Adam, he finished and self published his comic book “Control”, selling it at the San Diego Comic-Con. An absolute highlight in his life. Happily married and working in retail to pay the bills, time is tough to keep drawing, but slowly he’s working on a new comic with his other best friend Eric Olson. Having a die hard love of Star Wars, he’s hoping to expand his story-telling to tell a sci-fi based graphic novel, as well as finishing his Control graphic novel, and one day making a triumphant return to San Diego Comic-Con.

Contributor since Week 1.



Retired Members

Patrick N