What is Sketch Please?

What’s the deal?

Sketch Please started in 2005 as a bet between Jason Adam and John Conger, two artists and friends looking to help motivate each other to continue drawing — no matter what. Do one drawing per week on a specific theme, or forfeit one of your comics. You have until Sunday at midnight to email out your sketch or else you fail.


Yeah. We’re into comic books. You got a problem?

Who are the artists?

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of talented members! Click here to see individual bios of our current artists.

Who’s winning?

No one’s winning. Sketch Please isn’t a competition. As long as we’re all drawing, everyone wins.

Has anyone lost yet?

Oh yeah. But, we don’t like to talk about that. The idea is to focus on the big picture: keep drawing.

Can anyone join?

Not yet. Right now Sketch Please is a private site, but we’re planning on opening it up to the public sometime this year. If you’d like to be emailed updates on the new site, join our email list at the top of the right sidebar.

I have an idea for a theme.

Awesome. Post it on this page, and if we like it, we’ll use it.

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  • Sketch Please said...

    Thanks Natalie! We’ll keep it in our bank of ideas, and use it in the future!

  • Artem said...


    How about such idea:
    baby, mustache, kraken, elfs?

    Smth like a kraken with a head of pretty but moustached woman and a lot of strange elfs around.

    I know, that’s maybe too bizarre idea, but why not? 🙂

  • Alejandro lopez-Benavidez said...

    hi there! stumbled across your website and thought this might be fun. im writting a story on a different website right now and i wanted to see what my charatchers might look like n the artist eyes here.
    just a basic description:
    -finlike ears alomost fanlike.
    -long flowing hair (usually a color mostly found in the ocean)
    -the tail flows into the body instead of just looking like bad photoshop. my main charaters have a Dolphin tail(includes dorsal fin) and the second is a green sea serpent tail (very long in my description)
    both very muscled swimmerers bodies if you will, and both wearing golden bands over their fore heads sybolizing royalty.

    if this seems like a challenge take it! if not its cool just thought i would try and see what happens :3
    thank you.

  • Sketch Please said...

    Hey Artem… I know it’s been awhile… but we used your subject! Come check it out: http://www.sketchplease.com/category/baby-mustache-kraken-elves

  • Good day,

    My name is Monica Gonzales – Founder of http://www.geeksagogo.com. I met Will Hobbs last night and directed me to your site. I must say, I would love to feature you on our website sometime! Do you have a target date in when you’re planning to go open the site to the public?

    Please feel free to contact me through my email or call me at 219-985-4375.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    Best regards,
    Monica Gonzales